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Bukit Kutu 23-Jan-12
Wild Orchids. Wild orchids blooming at the place where once the bungalow of Bukit Kutu stood. The chimney in the background is the only substantial remains of the in the 1940s destroyed site.
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Rinjani on Lombok island is said to be one of the most beautiful mountains in Southeast Asia. It stands 3,726 m above sea level and can be viewed from throughout Lombok. A huge ancient crater that became Segara Anakan Lake is known for its blue and green-coloured water with a new volcano, Gunung Baru, emerging from the centre of the lake, which often erupts lava and volcanic ash.
With its 4,095 m altitude Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain of Malaysia. For this hike we opted to follow the Mesilau trail whose starting point is slightly higher in elevation than the Timpohon Gate, but crosses a ridge, adding about two kilometres to the ascent and making the total elevation gain slightly higher. The two trails meet about two kilometres before Laban Rata.
Mt. Kerinci is the second highest mountain (3,805 m) in Indonesia after Carstenz Pyramid in Papua. It is the highest volcano in Indonesia and the second highest volcano in Southeast Asia. Situated in Sumatra, home of Sumatran rhinos, tigers and elephants. Reaching the summit entails 7 hours trekking through tropical rainforest and 3 hours on gravel and sand. 
RINJANI  06-Oct-2013 11-Oct-2013 MOUNT KINABALU  24-Nov-2013 27-Nov-2013 KERINCI  to be scheduled for 2014 Mount Kinabalu 25-28/11/2013 Puluong-Fansipan-Sapa 1-9/9/14
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Lata Medang 19-Feb-12
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