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A must have for hiking in the Malaysian jungles. These socks will prevent you from leech bites.  They are worn over your normal hiking socks and don’t cause any discomfort. The sock is made of white cotton. It has a double layered nylon lower leg part. Ankle and top are elasticized to keep leeches out. One size fits all. Price: RM25.00 
Leech socks
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Water purification bottle
A mobile water purifier to ensure clean and safe potable water for your outdoor activities. Turns water of streams, ponds, puddles and even drains and sewers in pure drinking water. The purification takes place instantly and filters out viruses, bacteria and parasites (down to 0.02 micron). Chemical free water! No chlorine taste! It is a portable, leightweight, robust, cost effective and eco friendly solution for getting clean water for any outdoor activity. The filter lasts at least for 1500 liters of water (life span of the membrane is reduced if you use more murky or dirty water). If you drink 3 liters of water during a weekly outdoor event, the bottle will provides you with clean and safe water for at least 10 years... Price: RM200.00 
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